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Monday, October 11, 2010,12:26 AM
Let's Get Started!

I have been truly inspired by my colleagues in the past few months and are the reason why their creativity drove me to create this blog. Though, lately I've realized that I have been putting many things aside. You know, one of those things when you have an idea or plan and want to develop it, but instead ended up leaving it aside for a longggg time until you actually take the "time" to do it. Well, that is my case. I do, still have many long lists of "things-to-do," but at least I've checked this one off!

So now, let's venture to the right brain and observe the creativity around us! Who knows, maybe someday you and I will learn something that we never thought we would! Let's get inspired! Welcome to My Darling Sunshine! A place full of inspiration, creativity, and exploration!

Happy reading!



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