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Friday, October 15, 2010,4:40 PM
Sensational Teas

Teas have been known to provide great beneficial factors for your health and antioxidants that you get with just drinking only a cup. Check out Health Benefits of Green Tea if you didn't know. My all time beverage is tea! Especially Green Tea! I don't like to add sugar to teas because I like to enjoy its natural whole. Every time I see a new flavor that I haven't tried, I would always stop and pick it up. Of course, most of the time it's the packaging that attracts me most. I tend to spend a great deal of minutes in the grocery aisle or store -- observing the packaging and reading about the flavors. Then it comes down to picking and choosing which would be good to try first!

I seldom stop by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in general (Starbucks fan) -- no more than the booth at the mall, but this time it was because of the packaging that caught my eye and my love for teas! Aside from that, I can re-use their tins! Not to mention, their cool triangle bags! They had many different flavors to choose from, but I just HAD to taste their Genmaicha Green tea, pure Japanese Green Tea! Ahhh.. the taste of Japan... (I've never been to Japan, but I love Japanese food and drinks... Maybe someday I can visit Japan). This green tea has a warm, roasty flavor that is perfect to drink on cold days, and fills you up! In addition to the Japanese Green Tea, I also got their Lemon Chamomile. Now, this one really soothes and relaxes. It has a little bit of lemon grass. Great to drink when you just need some time to relax or if you're under stress.

If you love Teas, I recommend you try these.




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