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Tuesday, November 23, 2010,1:20 AM
"JWU Thank You" Book Cover

My friend, Amie asked me to design a "Thank You Book" Cover for the kids in her church - JWU Ministry. She asked if I could make something cute and simple, but I decided to do a full-on-all-out design. When I design, I can't seem to put only half of my effort -- I tend to go all the way because I like to have fun with it. The very first thing that came to my head was "Tree" -- because the Tree has many symbolism and meaning in a Christian perspective, representing Life, Eternity, Beauty, Strength, Growth, and so on... no one would be able to miss that because the word, "tree" is mentioned many times in the Bible. And of course, the birds -- illustrate mankind. All in all, the image represents a happy, thankful life -- in a cute way -- for the kids :).




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