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Tuesday, December 28, 2010,2:00 AM
Belly Jammy

I've been meaning to put this up, but didn't get a chance to... but finally made the time for it!
These are some of mine and Keith's homemade Apricot Jam -- made FRESH from my parent's apricot tree! During the summertime around June and July, we get so many apricots that we couldn't even consume them all! When they ripen, they'll fall to the ground and usually the worms and birds eat them, so we had to think of a way to make use of the fruits and not get wasted before they fall to the ground! We even had some of our friends and my parent's friends pick them off the tree. We would say, "Get as many as you like!"...but then Keith and I had an idea of making the leftovers into jam. Boy..... that was a time packed crazy, stressful process! But it was worth it. Keith did most of the work making them, so I'd give more credits to him. What more can you ask for than jams made from fresh, organic fruits picked from our tree?! We made probably about... 8 small, low sugar jars and 8 big, regular flavor jars. We gave several to our friends and neighbors and the rest, we sold. Some never even had Apricots before or even heard of the name, and after we had them try the jam... they loved it! It was a success.

As for the label design, I thought of using my dog, Bella as the illustration because she LOVES ripe apricots. Believe me, she would only play fetch with our APRICOTS! Call her spoiled. You see the apricot on her head? She sure loves it! We call it the "Belly Jammy" Apricot Jam.

But unfortunately, we won't have another batch until next summer! So you'll have to wait until then to try it! That is if we decide to do jams again next year. :)

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